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Pass Plus Driving Course

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Once you have passed your practical driving test, pass plus is a good opportunity to improve your driving skills in areas where you may have limited experience, the pass plus course will also enable you to learn new skills, improved anticipation, alertness and techniques which will greatly reduce the risk of you being involved in a accident.

The pass plus course consists of 6 hours training, at the end of you training you will receive a certificate from the Driving standards agency.

Your driving instructor will give you a list of insurance company’s that are involved in the pass plus scheme, you could save as much as 30 per cent of your insurance.

Pass Plus is an amazing way to improve your driving skills and it’s a great course if you want to take advanced driver training too.

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The Pass Plus course is a Government scheme aimed at make drivers aware of both their own wellbeing and the safety of other drivers.

You need an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) in order to complete your Pass Plus which is why Alfie’s Driving School are your perfect driving tuition experts.

If you want to successfully complete your course and would like the chance to reduce your insurance premiums then please contact our team today and we will take you on the road to learning and advancing your skills as much as possible.

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If you think that you have limited experience or simply want to advance your skills so that you have more confidence on the road or if you wish to pursue a driving career then we can help you achieve exactly what you want.

The Pass Plus course has been developed to help our clients obtain new skills, improve the anticipation when it comes to driving, as well as improving road techniques and enhancing alertness. This, in turn, reduces your chance of having an accident by helping you realise just what is going on in your surroundings while you drive and at just 6 hours minimum you will be rewarded with a certificate from the DSA (Driving Standards Agency).

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Prices are fully inclusive of the practical driving test and hire of the school car for the driving test. We request a deposit and require full payment when the first lesson is due to commence.
Intensive Driving courses can be booked with a deposit of £165.00. The remaining balance would then need to be paid on the commencement of the first lesson.
You can pay the driving instructor on the day of your lesson, pay online via PayPal or you can make a payment over the phone. All major credit/debit card payments accepted. (Please note a charge may be added)


Your main objective will be judgement & awareness, observation, vulnerable road users, eye contact, pedestrian crossings, increased traffic, complex junctions.

You will focus on safe stopping distances, using the correct speed, sleet, snow, fog & bright sunshine. You will also learn the causes and effects of skidding

The rural roads at times can be very narrow, sharp bends, hidden junctions and passing places. You will also be learning how to deal with farm vehicles, horse riders and animals on the road.

You’ll learn the importance of using your headlights correctly, dealing with dazzle, judging speed & distance, hard to see road users and parking issues.

You will focus on how to drive safely on fast moving roads you will need skills in separation distances, judgement & planning, correct use of speed, lane discipline and overtaking, joining & leaving a dual carriageway.

Today’s motorways put greater demand on the motorist, you will learn on how to drive safely in different circumstances.

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