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The main reason why I decided to become a driving instructor is I was attracted by the appeal of being my own boss and the flexibility that comes with it, also being out and about doing a job (rather than tied to an office all day) where no 2 days are quite the same.

I trained with BSM in Romford. They used to have a big ADI training centre there. and I’ve been an ADI sixteen years now. Im a Grade a DSA approved driving instructor, Pass plus registered and a member of the Driving instructors association (DIA).

The job satisfaction of teaching people to pass their driving test and also hopefully instilling in them safe driving skills for life.

Something funny happend recenlty that will make you smile, I was teaching a pupil the finer points of parallel parking once by South Park in Ilford, when an elderly lady suddenly climbed into the back of the car (uninvited) asking to be taken to Ilford High Street . She was a bit confused and it took a bit of persuasion to get her to realise that it wasnt a minicab she was sitting in but a driving school car (in case you’re wondering, no I didnt try to get her to book a course of lessons while she was in my car!). It was a rather bizarre interruption to a driving lesson and the pupil thankfully saw the funny side.

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by Brooke O'Reilly on Alfie's Driving School

After numerous driving instructors and a failed test, I finally got a decent instructor who was willing to go through what was needed to go through and help me, after an intensive course that was worth my money, I finally passed my test yesterday with my instructor Tony. Thank you for all of your help and patience with me. 😂

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