Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers

If you’ve been looking for the ideal gift to purchase for a friend, family member or loved one, driving lesson gift vouchers are an excellent choice.

Not only are you providing a person you care for with a thoughtful and practical gift, but you’re also giving them the opportunity to gain more independence for themselves with a driving licence.

Driving lesson gift vouchers?

Driving lesson gift vouchers make the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether they’re a stocking filler at Christmas, snuck in a birthday card, given alongside an Easter egg, gifted with a rose on Valentine’s Day or rewarded for excellent exam results; no matter what the occasion, any non-driver who is eager to learn will be ecstatic to receive driving lesson gift vouchers at their next celebration.

Enable someone you care about to broaden their horizons and job prospects. Driving lesson gift vouchers are a great way to gift someone the freedom of exploration, convenience and safety, all in one neat little package.


Why Choose Alfie’s?

At Alfie’s Driving School, we employ only fully qualified driving instructors who offer students will full one-hour lessons. Learners can choose from male or female instructors, depending on their preference, and won’t ever be subjected to car sharing.

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers

Our lessons are one-one tuition only, so students will get the undivided attention of their instructor.

We offer students with a range of cars to learn in, including options to choose from manual or automatic vehicles.

Select from a range of different course options, including exclusive deals on multiple lesson purchases and our fast pass courses, which are great if you’re looking to pass your test as soon as possible. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at some of our amazing reviews, or contact us to find out more.

Order Your Driving Lesson Gift Voucher

By Calling 01708 361339


At Alfie’s Driving School, we offer our customers with affordable lessons at competitive prices from only the best, professional and fully qualified instructors.

  • Single one-hour lessons:
    Standard manual lesson – £23.00
    Student manual lesson – £22.00
    Standard automatic lesson – £24.00
    Student automatic lesson – £23.00

Special offers: Standard block booking lessons

Alfie’s Driving School now have exclusive special offers, so you can get more for your money and give your loved one a gift that keeps on giving.

First five hours:
Manual special offer – £99.00
Automatic special offer – £110.00

First 10 hours:
Manal special offer – £199.00
Automatic special offer – £219.00

Terms and conditions

* Our special offers are only available between Monday and Friday, 9am – 5pm.
* The special offers exclude those who have previously taken their test, drivers who have a test booked in and drivers
who are in the process of booking their rest.
* The special offers exclude refresher or motorways lessons.

Payment options

If you want to purchase any of the above lessons, you can either pay online or over the phone. To purchase driving lesson gift vouchers from Alfie’s Driving School, or to find out more about what we can offer you,  contact us today.

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