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Here are some of the questions we are asked the most and if you can’t find the answers that you need we welcome your calls and emails.

Whether you are looking to take part in an intensive course, regular driving lessons, a Pass Plus course or a refresher course prices will vary. That said, we are more than honest about our pricing structure and you will find our driving lessons affordable. You can also make savings by booking multiple lessons in advance.

Alfie’s Driving School use a variety of manual and automatic cars that are easy to manoeuvre and take lessons in. We don’t use large family cars or SUVs, only efficient small to medium cars so that we know you can comfortably drive them while you learn.

We will aim to fit in as many lessons as you want if we think that you need them. If you want to gain your driving licence promptly then we would recommend the intensive course. Regular driving lessons can be as frequent as you want though we do find that most of our regular students are trying to stick to a budget and like to book a slot for one to two lessons per week.

We can book your driving theory text with the nearest DSA (Driving Standards Agency) and VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) office – otherwise known as the DVSA. You are also welcome to book this yourself if you prefer.

There are two parts to a car driving theory test. These include both the multiple choice as well as the hazard perception elements. Both sections are taken on the same day and you must pass both parts in order to pass the entire theory test.

Once you have passed both sections of a theory test you will be issued with a pass certificate. This means that you can take your practical driving test.

Preparation is key in passing your driving test and our team will guide you from the very start, ensuring that you trust your own driving and are confident when you take the wheel. Our driving tuition is based on quality education and we encourage you to use a number of tools aimed at improving your confidence whilst driving. This includes offering recommendations on publications and other information that will help you discover driving and being safe on the road.

We do use automatic cars. If you learn in a manual car, you can drive an automatic car in future but if you learn in an automatic car you will not be able to drive a manual car unless you take another test in a manual vehicle. You can make the decision whether to learn in an automatic car or not when you book.

You will need to have passed your car driving theory test before we plan your practical driving test. If you have already passed your theory test and we know that you feel ready for your practical driving test then we will book this on your behalf.

Yes. We work around the clock to make it much more convenient for our students to book lessons with us around work, college or social life.

No. Our prices are fixed so that you know exactly what you are expecting to pay.

No. We don’t take groups of pupils and all of your learner driving experiences with us will be on a one-to-one basis so that we can focus entirely on your individual learning.

Of course, we will need a little notice so that we can book you into our intensive course and plan the practical driving test at the local centre.

We are often asked this question and, of course, if you are limited on how much you can spend each week on lessons then an hour might be suitable. However, most of our students find a longer session is more beneficial.

Yes we do and the Pass Plus course is perfect for clients with limited experience and will help to build alertness, confidence and skills where they may currently need to be improved.

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