Driving Instructor Training ADI Part 2
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Part 2: Driving Ability

On the day of the test you will have an eyesight test, you will be asked questions about safety and you will have to show your driving techniques. This will last for about an hour.

The eyesight test:

You will need to be able to read a number plate, with contact lenses or glasses. The distance will be:

New number plates – 26.5 meters

Old number plates – 27.5 meters

You can attempt to pass the part 2 driving ability test up to 3 times. If you fail all 3 times then you cannot take this test again until your theory test expires, this will be 2 years from the date you passed. It is only then that you can start the whole process again if you would still like to become a driving instructor. If you fail the eyesight test, the exam will not continue and this will be counted into the 3 attempts.

Safety questions:

On the test, there will be 5 safety questions. 3 of the questions will be where you have to show them what you would do when you do a safety check on the vehicle and the 2 other questions would be you explaining how you would do these checks.

So, you will be asked how you would carry out a check on both the safety and the condition of 3 components of the car you are driving.

You will then have to carry out a proper check on 2 more components from the list below:

  • Steering
  • Direction indicators
  • Brakes
  • Tyres
  • Reflectors
  • Audible warning device
  • Lights
  • The liquids used in the steering system, breaking system and the engine
  • The liquids that are used as a coolant, cleaner or a lubricant

Driving Techniques

After you have completed the safety questions you will then have to demonstrate:

  • How well you can handle the controls
  • The correct procedures for driving
  • That you are aware of the actions taken by other drivers
  • You must be able to judge distance, speed and timing
  • You must consider the safety of other road users
  • You must drive in an environmentally friendly manner

You will drive on roads that will be busy and used by heavy vehicles. There will be many different scenarios that you will encounter so you must show that you are confident and understand exactly what is happening around you. You must take control of situations and show you have the ability to drive accordingly using the right driving techniques.

You will be asked to carry out different manoeuvres which will include the 3 reversing manoeuvres that you learnt on your driving test.

The car in which you use for the test must be provided by yourself. It will need to be in a good condition and it will need to be:

  • Taxed and insured
  • A hatchback or salon car
  • All the seat belts must be in good working order
  • It will need to be a manual car
  • Right hand drive
  • The seat must be positioned correctly and must have a head restraint
  • It cannot have any L plates on the vehicle
  • It will need to have an adjustable rear view mirror for the examiner to use

Alfies Driving School will only be too happy to supply you with a dual controlled car while you are having your driving instructor training and then for your ADI test.

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